Best flea treatment for your dog

Your dog is only fun when he is healthy, when he gets sick he becomes a liability. To get the best of your dog, you need to make sure that he is of best health at all times. You should keep a close eye to your dog’s health and you have to get him to vet for a checkup on a regular basis even though he doesn’t need it. When he gets sick, the best course of action would be to take him to your personal vet and get him treated as soon as possible.

There are many reasons that may cause sickness in your dogs such as injury, infection, or food poisoning but the topic of this discussion is fleas. Fleas are parasites that are mostly found in warm weathers but they can affect your dog in any season. Just like pests that can cause diseases, fleas feed off your dog’s flesh and they can cause your dog to be irritated at all times.

Fleas cause your dog to scratch continuously which results in visible patches on your dog’s skin. These scratches can cause serious wounds if they are not tended to immediately. In addition to that, these fleas can also cause skin allergies and can transmit other parasites to your dog too such as worms.

As soon as you see that your dog is being attacked by the fleas, you need to consult your vet and ask him for treatment. If you already have flea treatment in your home, you need to apply it to your dog immediately.

Following are some of the best flea treatments that can help keep the fleas away.

Frontline Plus for dogs

Trusted by all the veterinarians around the world, frontline plus is the best flea treatment that can also be used for ticks. It is meant to be used in dogs that weigh 45-90lbs. This treatment has a long-lasting formula that can kill all the fleas and ticks in every stage of their life cycle.

It has been in the market and trusted by vets for the last 20 years because of its effectiveness. It has the ability to give your dog flea protection for as long as 30 days. It has-fast acting and long-lasting waterproof formula that explains its popularity among the dog owners.

Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea Prevention

Meant especially for extra-large dogs that weigh more than 55lbs, this treatment is one of the most popular flea treatments in the world. Manufactured by Bayer which is one of the best medicine companies around the world, it has a combination of imidacloprid, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen in a single dosage form. This combination provides the best flea treatment possible.

Each pack of this medicine contains enough to treat your dog of fleas for 4 months. When applied externally, it effectively and immediately kills all the fleas and ticks that come in contact with it. It is effective against all the life stages of fleas and stick and does the perfect job.

Adams’ Plus Flea Shampoo

If your dog has sensitive skin and you cannot apply medicine to it then this dog shampoo is the best choice for you. This shampoo is made by using coconut extract, Precor, oatmeal, lanolin, and aloe extract which provide extra safety to your dog’s skin. This shampoo is easy to apply and promises to kill all the fleas and ticks that are residing on your dog’s fur.

It is effective for all life stages of fleas and ticks and also has an appealing scent too. This shampoo can be used in dogs that are older than 12 months and it claims to be effective for 3 to 4 weeks.

FastCaps oral flea treatment

Nitenpyram is the active ingredient in this medicine which has proven to be effective against fleas of all types and ages. This medicine comes in tablets form and is thought to be effective with 30 minutes of its administration. These easy to administer single-dose tablets are meant to be used in dogs that weigh over 25lbs.

CrossBlock II flea preventative

When it comes to topical flea treatment, there is nothing better than this medicine because of its effectiveness. It is affordable so you don’t have to worry about the cost. This treatment is meant to be applied topically and is effective in all life stages of the fleas. This treatment usually prescribed for the dogs that weigh more than 55lbs and its single dose is effective for a whole month.

The packing contains enough medicine to last for 3 months. It is a waterproof treatment which prevents further re-infestation of the pests to your furry little friend.

With all of these options to choose from, you don’t have to worry about these dirty little pests. Numerous guides are present online which can help you take care of your dog and keeping him safe from all the harms in the best possible way.