Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a Mercy Medical Group Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

If you currently have a non-Mercy Medical Group PCP, call your health insurance plan to notify them of your new PCP selection. If you currently have a Mercy Medical Group PCP, call our Member Services Department at 916.379.2888 to switch to another Mercy Medical Group physician.


Why should I choose a Mercy Medical Group physician?

Mercy Medical Group is a multi-specialty group comprised of Primary Care Physicians and Specialists. Mercy Medical Group’s credentials reflect a tremendous depth of professional experience, from board-certified physicians to recognized medical leaders in the community. Working together, our team provides “seamless” care that respects the needs of each individual patient.


How do I make an appointment with my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

To schedule a routine medical appointment, call your PCP’s office phone number noted on your health insurance card.


What should I bring on my first visit to my doctor?

To prepare for your first visit with your doctor, you should bring a copy of your health insurance card, a list of your current medications, your co-payment for an office visit and information about your medical history.


What if I need medical care after normal business hours?

For health conditions arising outside business hours, please call our toll-free Advice Nurse line at 877.944.1058 and a Registered Nurse will direct you to the appropriate level of care.


When is it appropriate to visit the Urgent Care clinic for services?

To seek same-day care, call your PCP’s office first. Conditions such as flus, colds and sore throats are generally treated during an office visit. If your PCP is unable to see you for same-day care, you may be referred to one of Mercy Medical Group’s Urgent Care locations. Contact your Primary Care Physician’s office before proceeding to an Urgent Care facility and they will direct you to the appropriate level of care.


How do I get prescription refills processed through my doctor’s office?

To refill a current prescription, please contact your pharmacy directly and allow 48 hours to process your request. Please note that narcotic prescriptions can only be refilled by your Primary Care Physician’s office.


What advice can you give me on choosing a health plan?

If you do not currently have a health plan, or are looking to change your current plan, we’ve created a page where you can learn more about choosing a health plan that’s right for you.


How do I know if you accept my current health insurance plan?

Refer to our Insurance page for a complete list of the health insurance plans we currently contract with. Or, call our Member Services Department at 916.379.2888.


How can I make sure services are covered by my plan?

The Catholic Healthcare West Medical Foundation Utilization Management department is comprised of healthcare professionals who are trained in the policies and procedures developed by the healthplans and regulatory agencies that will be used when a prior authorization for a service your physician ordered is needed. The final decision is based on review and evaluation of information submitted from the requesting physician and/or obtained from review of your medical records, consultation reports, as well as any laboratory or radiological information. The Utilization Management department can be reached Monday-Friday during standard business hours at the following phone number: 916.379.2885, 800.576.5050.


May I request copies of my medical records?

Yes. Under CHW’s privacy practices for health information, Mercy Medical Group patients have specific rights where medical records are concerned. A detailed joint notice of these practices, with instructions for requesting copies of records, is posted on Mercy Medical Group’s Web site in English and six other languages.