Pest control is the broad term which includes the measures taken to eliminate the harmful population of insects that alter the normal functioning of the society which can include the pests that destroy the crops and thus harm the source of earning of a farmer. It can also include the bed bugs or mosquitoes that affects our health and the things at our homes. Given the fact that these pests are the cause of human discomfort, so the human takes some steps.to solve his problems and think of ways to eliminate the pests. This control measure taken is called pest control.


The use of pest control is as old as the concept of agriculture. Around 3000BC cats were used to control pests and to conserve the grains from rodents. Chemical pesticides were used at almost around 2500BC when the Sumerians used the sulfur to control pests. After further digging upon this method arsenical products were used to control the pests. Now the world was evolving and gone were the days where the pests would destroy the whole economy. With industrialization and more innovation, there was the use of other compounds as an insecticide. The world is now really appreciating the invention of pesticides and is improving the variety of it each day.

In agriculture, forestry, and horticulture

Pesticides have the most marked importance in the field of agriculture because nature is the main source of production of every insect Biological control is also common.it is the control where living organisms are used for controlling harmful living organisms like wasps are used to kill the mosquitoes. It includes the introduction of natural pest enemies that destroy the pests but are not harmful to us. Many small organisms are also used like bacteria etc. Pesticides are applied to the crops at the time where they are suspected to be attacked. But there are some shortcomings to it too. Successful control by pesticides is not easy. There should be proper formulation, timing is important, adequate amounts should be given. The product should be efficient too and the insects must bot develop immunity against it. Damage to the other important insects can also be done by it like honey bees and other insects target are pest seaters.

In forestry

Forest pests are more troubling because of the magnanimity of the pest population and difficulty in finding their hiding places. To control them Pheromone traps are used. They are the volatile chemicals that attract the pests especially male. This is found to be very helpful in many parts of the world. The hones often are targeted, and the large variety includes the bed bug pests and ways for bed bug removal. They damage the beds, furniture, and even your clothes. There is no limit to their spreading. They can be controlled by either physical means or chemical means.

Physical means to control pests


This includes the fogging the house with liquid pesticide and lets it remain in it for several hours typically 24 hours. This is costly and inconvenient because the house or any pace that has been fogged cannot be used in this time, but it targets insects of all life stages. For this purpose, best bed bug steamer is used for efficient killing.


This method includes using instruments that kill the pests by using radiations mainly x rays. The places and furniture are made sterilized by also using some streamers that use both hot and cold air to kill the anatomy of the pests. Best bed bug steamer list includes House mile anti Dust mites, Sunbeam handheld Travel stream pass. These streamers produce 200+ degree steam which is needed to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. Bed Bug bites can cause infestations and allergic reactions.


This is the most adaptive and reasonable method for control of the pest. It is widely used by farmers and has been in practice for long. Pest control sprays are used to kill pests. When the wave of pests enters the farm, the farmer uses the spray method to protect its crop from injurious insects as it is faster as compared to others. It may pollute the environment you live in. Its improper use may outbreak several diseases or it may develop resistance in insects.

Demerits of using pesticides

Unfortunately, such harmful chemicals can only be used by farmers in the agricultural area, not in a residential area. In homes, we don’t use them because they pollute the environment and make your children sick. Using pesticides may cause several problems. The pesticides have not been that much effective as it was earlier. It has been noted that the pests develop resistance against pest control products there it has become more challenging to eliminate the threat of injurious insects. Moreover, their frequent use has affected the environment badly. They had created a serious environmental imbalance which is harmful to human beings as well. Hence, instead of using such products, feel free to use such life hacks.


There are many ways to kill the pest. But the efficiency of pesticides is always praised as they are easy to handle and did not take a lot of time to kill the bugs and pests. Pesticides are necessary to control the pests in agriculture but in homes, it is best to avoid harmful chemicals but try to make your home clean from pests by every day thorough cleaning and trying new things each day. This is what it means to be engaging with chemicals and pesticides. Other pest control methods can also consider.